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3 arrested for raping the girl for two months


Police, Inspector of Garuda of Ula Police Police Office, 36, of Balanghah, has been arrested for raping a 13-year-old girl of Gujrah Municipality 4 of Rautahat and arrested for more than two and a half times. Ojha gave the information. They got the girl on the night of June He had abducted at 12 in the morning at home. The victim girl, who has repeatedly raped Sararahi, Parsa and raped in Manipur in Viya state of India. Police had arrested him from a village in Parsa.

After this, abducted after the incident, the family started searching for a daughter in the district on August 8. After searching for a daughter in a bedroom, the father urged her parents to often search for the daughter-in-law to search for her daughter-in-law to treat her. According to the police, he is the chief prosecutor of the incident. After the request of Father, Balchikar said, ‘I will bring your daughter to the city not to worry,’ she replied. After this, the father sat on the one hand to return to the daughter. However, when the daughter refused to ask again, the victim threatened to kill him again. After her threat, the girl’s guardian gave the girl to the police office in Garuda to ask for justice.

Speaking about medical treatment at the medical center in the village, the girl said that she was planning to abduct her daughter on the same day. In the night while she was sleeping, raising her daughter from the house, hijacked and took it. The perpetrators complained to EPRA Garuda for conducting a lot of action. The doctor is considered as God, but these demons, known as a doctor, ruined the future of my daughter. They should be strictly prosecuted. “After giving a complaint to the police against the accused, the accused had issued a plea in the high court and also obstructed the investigation process. According to police inspector Ojha, after receiving the complaint lodged by the girl, after taking the investigation process under the public crime law, Ramishwor Chaudhary took control of the police station.

While investigating the incident, the police have abducted the girl in a village in Parsa safely and abducted three accused. The District Police Office, Garuda, has added the accused to District Court on Tuesday. The police conducted a team of CIB and Pursa Police Force in search of the police using the technology to expel the body. The girl has been abducted during the custody of Birgunj Metropolitan 8 on August 26. Police Inspector Ojha said that the victim was arrested and arrested after being named after the child custody. Police Inspector Ojha said that the police had arrested Balcher from Kaliya, Chaudhary and Mahato from Garuda. According to him, the proceedings have been initiated by registering a case under kidnapping and body arrest, forced crime against these persons.


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