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Motorbike stacked with a micro bus, 2 killed


Two people were killed in a road accident on the Earthquake road on the Galilee Municipality of Dhading. KATHMANDU, Maharashtra, of the year 30, Raj Maharjan and Chandragiri Municipality-12 of the Chandrapagiri municipality-Chandigarh municipality riding on motorcycle riding a motorcycle, have been arrested.

District Police Office (Inspector) Navjraj Dhungana, informed that the motorcycles of Ba 4 B 5103 coming from Kathmandu and Gaazi B9 7 P 2538, going towards Kathmandu from Kathmandu, came to Kathmandu.

Dhungana said that the accident took place in the incident when the truck driver Cha Na 6 Kh 5614, who was going to the same direction towards the same direction, died in the accident.

Inspector Dhangana said that the driver, who was driving truck driver’s house, was arrested by the police, Raju Aryal of the year 35 and Dhaka Bahadur Chaudhary, 37, of the driver of the micro driver Nawalakhola Municipal-13. Chaiyari used Lumbini Rudra traffic if Aryal used to drive Chautarius traffic. Police said that further investigation is being carried out under control.


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