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Bomb found at Koteshwor ! [With Video]

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A bomb found near Koteshwor Chowk has been disclosed. The Nepalese Army Disposal Team has disclosed the cassette bomb found. Police said that the bomb was being investigated.

After finding a bomb, the vehicles used to go to Koteshwor had been jammed for about 3 hours. The road from Baneshwor to Koteshwor was the entire jam. According to police, the vehicles used to pass Koteshwor were requested to go through alternative alternatives. The police said that they were drowned from the three corners of the Chowk.

The suspicious bag has been found, we are identifying, “he said. The bomb disposal team of Nepali Army has also reached the scene. Due to the suspicious object, the police have cleared the road going from the three to the Koteshwor Chowk. They have been stopped at three places and Koteshwor Chowk.

Trains from Koteshwor Chowk have been carried out on the three sides. After finding the objectionable item, the vehicles running Koteshwor-Bhaktapur have been drowned from Tinkune and Koteshwor Chowk. The Traffic Police has urged the vehicles to run Koteshwor Chowk to use alternate roads.

Metropolitan Traffic Police Superintendent, who has been trying to facilitate the traffic of public transport, has informed. But due to the time of office, due to the road circulation, the hard work has yet to be done.


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