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Till now the biggest attack in Gaza area: 600 rocket attacks, reached more than 100 hospitals

Gaja attack

Kathmandu | The Israeli and militant aggression has created a situation of war on Gaza. This is the most frightening struggle between recent years. At Israel’s end of this week, Palestinians have attacked 600 rockets of Israeli rockets.

Israel has said that more than 260 more can be attacked on Gaza Strip. According to the Gaza Strip, Palestine has been killed since Friday. According to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he directed the soldiers to instruct the massacre in Gaza.

According to him, the army of Israel has been deployed with complete preparation. The initiative for the peace of the world has failed in this region. The Friday was demonstrated against Gaza Nakbandi. After the aggression of this movement, according to the time of their Nepali time, the meditation was diminished on Gaza. Three were killed in a military attack on the attack.

In this exhibition, a Palestinian gunman made two Israeli soldiers injured. After that, Israel attacked air. Fighting is still going on between 2 sides. 100 people have been admitted to Ashkelon Hospital, 10 kilometers away from northern Gaza. 3 people have been injured while three others have been injured.


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