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A woman with a witch bite. This is the reality…


Kathmandu | If you understand that we have grown up from what culture, we can know more about the past. We have got many things, including our parents. We have inherited the genealogy from them, as well as their thoughts, beliefs, and even thought of being ignored. Even those old rites are still in existence even if they are less than ever.

Witch , ghosts, mosques, locksmiths, and superstition is spreading in the society. In some cases, some have taken the support of such beliefs. Talking to the subject of alcohol is drunk men, women are entitled to be liable for alcohol. The poorest, disabled, helpless, unmarried, not working, etc., is a practice of waxing women. It seems that the eyes of the liquor are bad.

One of the psychologists of the village understood that it was a liquor. On the other hand, they all have a sense of appreciation. Some blindness is believed that the cowboy does not even give milk to the body of the liquor. The idea of ​​alcohol is evolved from tradition. We have been very difficult to instantly evolve since this thought. It is also heard today that the name of alcohol was beaten, beaten, feeding, and inhuman behavior.

These chants should be removed immediately. For long periods of time, we need a planned campaign to remove the bacteria. Changing of human psychology is a major challenge. Many of our diseases can take place in our body. The blue circle in a woman’s body becomes cold. This seems to be less stressful in the muscle. In the blue blaze, the booby is a type of blood vessel by sending the trunk.

It is believed that the shadow of the booby is shaped. Blood is said to be seen as a result of blood killer. But in reality, due to some medical diseases of medical science, it is believed that in some parts of the body it becomes a stain. Since bleeding disorder can be found, it is best to treat blood by examining blood.

Psychologically treated system is adopted in various countries. In some countries, this method called ‘psychological counseling’ is known by the name Psychotherapy, Hilling, in western countries.

It is believed that some of the psychological problems that can be taken out can be treated and treated. Today, the heroes including dance, lighter, are also in practice. Reiki is a trend in Japan. We have 5 million accusations, peasants and insiders. There are a population available in every village.

In the Nepali society, the first practice of seeing any disease or difficulty is that the solution to the solution is simply to “look”. The fever came, the cow and the buffalo was sick, called to know who was sick. Even in the city, some parents charge expensive and a long line of service appear.

This is the way to ‘hilling’. There is a tendency to consume water, give food, grind it, make rice flour, puja etc. Aloeopathic treatment was not a method at that time, it was the option of not even skilled health workers .It seemed like a psychologist remedy. Some minor problems were solved by this method, and humans began to believe in such methods.

Dams also have a tendency to treat lightweight, bowls, pneumonia. They call their own deed and say healing well. They strike thin feet in different parts of the body of the sick. They also water, etc.

Some people kick the name as a coincidence during the treatment, and they do not even mislead them. The extent to which such cases should be removed and the process of conducting these inhuman acts should take legal action. Women are more likely to suffer during treatment. Men do not like that much.

The Nepalese society is in the process of intimidating, seen, demonic, etc in the night. Our Hindu religious scholars have also accepted their existence. Even though traditionally devastated, medical science has not accepted their existence.

The late souls are believed to be surrounded by us. From our rituals these things are living more in our minds. Even though some do not believe it, even though they have been abusive in their hearts.

But in reality, medical science does not accept their existence. Although some spiritual thinkers accept the existence of the divine, they have given an illustration that does not harm humans and all creatures.

When we are very scared, then there is a lot of trauma playing in various doubts. Due to the fear of night more than the day, we begin to imagine many by doubtful doubt. What we imagine, in the mind, it appears instantly.

So, as a ghost of ghosts, the ghost of our ghost appears. Again, our ancient culture has taught the existence of the ghost. Due to the same fear, when we walk in the night, seeing the existence of such a person, people see that others walk. And others give money.


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