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The plane carrying 78 passengers, 41 dead…


Agency. Last time the incidents of air accidents in the world are increasing. In this case, accidental land has been demolished after a sudden fire on a Russian plane.

According to the foreign media, the plane has accidentally been spent at the Moscow International Airport at the time of accidental fire. In the accidental explanation of the superjet 100, the fire occurred during the fall. The plane has said that 78 passengers were riders, which killed 41 people.

Videos, including the scenes that were taken out of the emergency door, have been vertical in social networks, after the departure of the aircraft. In the video, the plane appears to be black smokeless after the accident occurred.

According to the media reports, some passengers were injured when passengers were rescued from the emergency door. The airline has been flying at a speedy flight from Moscow to Sheremitevo Airport on a flight to Moscow.

It is said that it is a 2 year old aircraft, which has been found in the fire during the fire. The authorities have not been able to open the cause of the fire. Agency


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