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Where is humanity? When such a black deal of a person came out


Kathmandu | People are considered to be the world’s most discerning. But sometimes the brain’s brain can not work even with animals. Such a person has burnt the cottage cats with fire.

Mumbai has seen such an ineffective incident in Meera Road area. The incident happened three days ago today. The police have accelerated the search of the black craft after being captured in CCTV.

The cats came up with a couple of months in a township in the new town premises. It was not like that Pasesh Patil, who was lying here, was lying in his habit. He first tried to burn pellets during the night of April 28.

Police arrested Patil after the said video was viral. The accused Patel has been wandering with his parents. According to his neighbors, at least at least 50 more cats have come to this place.

According to 28-year-old Lane Fernandes, everyone here loves the cats, so here’s how the cats enjoy. Information about this incident has come to open after seeing the cats of a person lying in the same state of fire. Agency


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