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The Maoist burnt eight trucks of road construction at once


New Delhi In India, the Maoists’ attack has not yet stopped. In the meantime, the fire has been used on the road used in road construction. The Maoists have attacked Maoists in Gallalli, adjacent to the Telangana border on Thursday.

They have also told that the fire was carried out and the driver was beaten. Some employees have also taken control of employees. But this is not confirmed, but four rides on the road are shown in a burnt.

As per the information provided, the activists have gone to them, they have been informed to bring more information. According to the information, around 10 km from Gallapalli, the construction of M / s Shivshakti Engineer Works of Bijapur in the construction of road construction works was done in Vajalawahi.

The road construction was not carried out by the police’s permission. According to the information, Maoists have burnt up all 8 vehicles. It has 2 tractors, 2 highs and 4 pokels. But the police has said only four burnt burns. Agency


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