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Arrested for raping a physically illiterate woman


Kathmandu | Police have arrested 35-year-old Feroz Ali of Birgunj Metropolitan 32, Parsa, who was forced to force 40-year-old woman of Mithila Municipality 11, Lata.

Police arrested him and arrested him at the police station Dhalkebar, receiving information that Feroj has been forced to bathe late on Friday evening, as the physically illiterate women treat.

Similarly, the pickup of the number 2 c. 611 in the East Highway Highway at Rapti village, 1, Rapti village, 32, was identified as Silekatri, same village-5 Mauritighat, who was seriously injured.

Ganesh Ghartiagar’s cremation hospital, Manigram, died in treatment in Vautav Rupandhi. The police have taken control of the vehicle and the driver. And, Sundaragiri municipality 3 lightning on the way to the house of Nani Meiya Shrestha on Sunday

The amount of cash worth Rs. 1,60,000 rupees in the morning, including 40 thousand rupees, gold jewelery and one-minute mile, has been stolen. Looking for absconding thieves, and in all these incidents, necessary research has gone ahead.


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