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Lok Sabha elections in India have such effect in Nepal


Hrithik Adhikari | Border blocks of the Sarlahi district, which have been linked to India, targeting neighboring Lok Sabha elections have been closed in neighboring countries.

District Administration Sarlahi said that the Indian government has stopped closed the border with Nepal for the last two days of the day.

Considering the election on Monday, i.e. tomorrow, for the last 5 hours, the closure of the Mahalatri and Rautahat district along with Saralahi for the evening of 5 am is closed.

Chief District Officer Sarlahi, chief District Officer, Drona Pokharel said that during the election time, the external force could take offense activities.

Sema Nakas of Malangwa, Sangrampur, Narayanpur, Parsa, Trichubhuvanagar, Vadadiahi, Bhandarsar, Khutuwa, Bahadurpur, Gripi Farnara, and Ballra have been closed in the border with Sitamadi district of Bihar state of India.

Targeting the election, targeted security personnel have been operating significantly in both sides of the border between Nepal and India, but also on the other side of the necessity of vehicles and vehicles except for the necessary services.

Inspector Gopal Chandra Bhattarai of District Police Office Sarlahi, informed that the ban was being stopped in the Nepali market of the border area.


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