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This Tuesday, the most holy day of this era: these things will be done, the greatness of prosperity


The beginning of this era, Mahalakshmi-Bhairav ​​tour in Lumba. Kirat Samajan Yatra Day Shiv-Parvati Marriage Festival in Koteshwar Mahadavasthan. Yes That is why this day is considered to be auspicious day of this era.

Akshay Tritiya is called the Tatiana Date of the Shakal Party. According to Puranas texts, public belief that whatever good work is done on this day is the renewable fruit.

That is why Akshay Tritiya is said. Thanksgiving Tritia of all twelve months is auspicious but the date of the Baikhakh month is considered on the basis of autonomy. According to the mythology, the date of eagernity is calculated on this date, the true era and the beginning of the Tartar era from this date. Lord Vishnu also descended on this date of Nar-Narayana, Havriev and Parashuram.

Cultural side
According to Hindustrics, there are six special yoga in the year-old. One of them is the name of Mahavichi Akshay Tritiya. This is only once in the Mahogi year. According to astrologers, all the sermons in this day will receive renewable virtue. Since the most sacred day of the year, Akshay Tritiya is also called ‘Destroying Day’.

On this day of summer, worship like worship, worshiping, donating, and eating together, drinking water arrangements, is considered useful and important in view of health and charity. According to Hindu elaboration, there are four self-proven moments, one of which is ‘Akshay Tritiya’. The third date of the Shukal side of the Baashak month is called Akshay Tritiya.

Akshay means never decaying and sustained. According to the legend, Vishnu took Parasuram avatar from this day as Parashuram Jayanti. Parashuram is considered one of the Vishnu distances. Parshuram Chiringjvi. Due to lack of age, this date is also known as Chernjivi.

In the four ages the true era and the beginning of the Tartar era have been from this period. Therefore, this date is also known as ‘Eagadithithi’. One of the four dams, Badrinath Dham’s door is opened on the same day i.e., Akshaya third day.

It is said that the worshiping of the holy God in this good day is the kind of mountain offering or a virtue of renewable fruit. It is a self-proven momentum. This is the best date for any auspicious work. Vedavas started creation of Mahabharata on this day. Any good or demanding work can be done on this day. God Narayanarayan Hughvav and Parashuram were born on this date.

If there is no tolerance of Rohani constellation on the day of Akshay Tritiyya, the wicked will increase. On this day, the gray shoe cow cow is filled with water. This date will be refreshed with the desire to get renewable fruits. Vashakh Shukla Parsiya is a tradition of charity and dedication on the day of Tritiya.

The cinnamon lung sucumail alchemy is very expensive and it is a mixture of sweet potatoes and one piece of missed candles and charcoal vegetables. Today, the elderly people are donated for Umrah and the donkeys of garments, donkeys and golden beads, donkeys and gold are also donated.

On this day Mahadev of Kalashash and Parvati, the daughter of the Himalayas, are believed to be married. According to the classical legislation, today Kalash and Ganesh are worshiped at Ashtadada by keeping a copper plate with a letter written on the Pagaji Kulas. Akshay Tritiya and Akshay Tritiya’s mathematics in the scriptures

Anandadima Matang Yoga. Moonrishi-Taurus, 28: 5 9 pm Sunrise in Kathmandu – 5:22 pm, sunset- 18:40 hrs and 33 hours daily day 14. Parashuram Jayanti. Akshay Tritiya Donation day Tire Ugly Mahalakshmi-Bhairav ​​Tour in Lumba Kirat Samajan Yatra Day Shiv-Parvati Marriage Festival in Koteshwar Mahadavasthan.


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