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Now the world will say ‘Wow Nepal’ started by the Nepalese Army

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Kathmandu Coca-Cola, a well-known beverage producer, has launched the biggest campaign for raising the sagarmatha in collaboration with Nepalese Army, Central, Regional and Local Government and Nepal Mountaineering Association and ASPC.

Starting with a slogan called “Cleverover Pride”, the campaign has targeted the world’s highest mountain’s holiness, with its goal to protect sanitation.

Director of Tourism Department, Dundraj Ghimire said, “The enthusiastic enthusiasm involved in this campaign is important for us as we are trying to start the Everast Surgical Expedition.

Getting such type of financial and financial support ensures that the program will be very successful. The Government of Nepal has a lot of respect to this kind of cooperation, and also gives good luck to the company. “

Speaking about the campaign, Nimjer Sherpa, manager of Khumbu Passang Lhamum Village, said, “The Himalayas of the Himalayas of the Khumbu Passang Lhumu village should be cleaned and clean.

nepali army raises
Nepali army clears a road in Sindhupalchok, outstrike of Kathmandu, Nepal. May 1, 2015

We are very grateful to cooperate with the various organizations including Coca-Cola, which help in the Evergreen-based campaign. We believe that the work done by all the work will certainly be successful. “

Nepal Mountaineering Association Chairman Shantvir Lama said, “In order to be a steakholder of the Sagarmatha Sanitation Campaign 2019, we want to reveal Coca-Cola to our Nepal Mountaineering Association.

The Nepal Mountaineering Association has always been in the foremost since the launch of the Himalayas. We are confident that the campaign will be held at our national level in Nepal 2020.

Speaking about this partnership, Ang Durgji Sherpa, chairman of the Sagarmatha pollution control organization, said, “This is the first time the steakholder of various government and non-government organizations, private institutions and tourism departments of Nepal, this is the first time the Sagarmatha campaign was launched in such a big measure.

I believe this is a major problem, which will bring a great deal of attention to the matter of waste in Sagarmatha. It’s just the beginning. A message can be sent around the world by using this campaign for more than two-three years continuously to eradicate the Sagarmatha. Coca-Cola, we are grateful to join this campaign as a leading partner. “

Vice President of the Public Relations, Communications and Stability Commission of Coca-Cola India and South Asia, speaking about this, said, “We are grateful to participate in this campaign, and Nepalese Army, Nepal Government and Nepal Mountaineering Association and Assessment for this partnership Thank you.

Coca-Cola, we have always been willing to take every step necessary to build a waste-free world, and we also understand that quantity is possible by all this effort. Through this campaign we have taken the aim of raising waste from the Everest and it also motivates us to keep the mountains clean in the future. “

“We are proud and grateful to be a part of this campaign,” said Prakip Pandey, executive director of Bauters Nepal Nepal. Also, together with our partners, we will always be able to build the atmosphere for Nepal’s long-term development. “

Other stakeholders in the help of this campaign include the Ministry of Tourism, Tourism and Environment, Ministry of Environment, State No. 1, Industry, Tourism, Forestry and Environment, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation.

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