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Nepal came to invest in the largest company of South Asia

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Kathmandu OYO is the largest, second largest in South Asia and is the world’s fastest growing, franchise. The Hotel Oyo Hotel Ramsomes, a network of home and residential sites, has made an important extension in Nepal.

Expanded your network from 3 to 10 cities. The company had launched operations from Kathmandu in 2017 and is now present in Pokhara, Dhulakhail, Bhaktapur, Nagarkot, Chitwan, Biratnagar, Hetauda, ​​Nepalgunj and Dhangadi.

More than 200 hotels in Oyo’s network have more than 3400 other rooms. The companies supported by strong local talent and execution are constantly increasing their network in Nepal and are promoting to bring the initiative in Nepal’s industrialized industry.

Commenting in this, Karyakkari official, head of Adyo Shrestha, India, and South Asia, Oyo Hotels and Homos, said, “After we start operating in Nepal, we have learned a lot from our leisure industry and its opportunities.

We are influenced by the response of our customers and hotel owners, and it has played a major role in rapidly expanding 3 to 10 Vota cities. Our strong performance is supported by a team of more than 90 talented local Nepali women and men.

We have recently invested nearly 1400 million in India and South Asia and because Nepal is a strategic market, we are working hard to change Nepal’s commercial industry by adding importance to every kind of real estate. “

After the establishment of a good market in India and China, Nepal Oyo has become another venue for hotels and homes. Due to the huge breakdown in demand and quality of quality habitats, passengers and Nepalis have compromised on location, quality and price.

The use of ooyo technology and talent fixes this problem. On average, the proportions of Oyo’s network have 65 percent acupuncture pipes.

Due to launching operations in Nepal, Oyo has transformed more than 200 hotels to ensure standardization and stability in the guest experience. The company’s opera is operated by the visualization technology to transform and renew.

Aditya added, “We are committed to bringing the best Oyo experience to Nepal for the worldwide passengers and Nepalese Vision 2020.

The community of more than 200 hotel owners is our source of inspiration and we focus on deepening this association and focus them every day with technology and talent.

The expansion of our 10 cities is the proof of our hotel owners and guests who have shown us. In the coming months, we will continue to make our presence in Nepal deeper and profitable. “

Oyo Hotels has demonstrated the ability to understand and transfer rapidly with real estate properties. Since starting the operation in Nepal, the company has added 200 watted franchise and oyaded branded hotels by displacing the market.

It has comfortable furnished rooms with modern amenities such as TVs, sauna, free refreshments, free Wi-Fi, clean toiletries, toiletries kits in each room, yellowlife, quality dash, fresh fragrance etc.


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