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Be careful! This could take your life!! Share for life awareness

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Kathmandu The stems are considered to be the king of the fruit. This is the main source of vitamin A. Apart from this, it contains other elements in abundance. In Nepal and India it has more than 100 species.

It is the fastest meaning of every one of these species, namely Jupiter only after 15 years. Then Bombay, Gulabakhas, Zurda Pakcha, Sukhtara Jet will be the first to catch and after the rest of the year only there is a devastation.

There is no time left for any species. Virgo of India fills the suspension of a better place in the Kumari place twice a year. The stumble only meets us in the stomach. The market is now stuck and consumers are also consuming.

Everyone needs to be aware, Jupiter 15 can not get an eye before. These insects have been consumed by many chemicals in the market, and they have been reported by the name mentioned. Such a chemical goes to life in a large number of people. Because he is a dying person.

The doctors have suggested that the use of carbide, untreated tissue, lichi, and fruits. Though there is no naturally cooking time for the steak and lunch, doctors have suggested that they should take care of eating vegetables such as cooked by medicines.

Senior physician Dr Vasudev Pandey said that the fruitful fruit used by carbide is yellow, it will affect such fruits and effects.

There will be problems such as sweating, drowning in the mouth, gastric, allergy, and wound. Dr. Pand said that long-term calamities, skin problems and eating too much in the risk of cancer can be said. If you have to eat the fruit that is cooked with medicines, it is recommended that after eating at least 10 to 12 hours of water, digging in the water and eating the bowl.

Now eating will not die now. The stomach currently sheds extensively into parts of the body. Big diseases are claims of suffering and endangered doctors. A bambani bishop, an appeal to market in the market before Jeth 15, has become extremely untouched and does not want anyone to dance. He says it should not be consumed.

Be aware Everyone should share this message with each other. Jahadi Post in Social Network Share it At this time, the person who consumes this tastes in Nepal does not send them unwanted and send them.


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