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Are you eating meat? 15 patients in one village [this is the reason]

meat diseases

Kathmandu Locals of locals of Doti district-1 locals of Bhagadada have kept 15 patients in the village while eating the goat’s meat. According to the local and CPN (Maoist) leader of the villagers, Tej Bahadur Dumail said that locals of the locals have been ill-treated with two-year-old boy and 40 years of age while eating the goat in the village.

According to the District Police Office Deepalpindi Pant, the head of the Area Police Office Dipal said that 12 of the patients who were ill and have been brought to treatment at Shipeshwari Hospital in Pipalla, Dipipal of Dipyalaya, the remaining three were undergoing treatment at the local Mawa Healthcare. He said, “12 of those who are getting sick and eating the goat’s meat are undergoing treatment in the bank and treatment is being done in the village of the remaining three common patients.”

According to the information given by the Area Police Office, Dipal said that Saraswati Khadka, 9, of Bhalagadha, Prem Khadka, 38, Padam Khadka, 38, Narayan Khadka, 26, and 13-year-old Parvati Khadka, 11-year-old Kalpad Khadka, 27, were injured in the disease. Isaladevi Khadka, a three-year old, Urmila Khadka.

Likewise, the other two, Elsa Khadka, of Bhalagada, eight other villagers, were identified as Roshan Khadka, eight year old Roshan Khadka, 40, and Shawn Devi Khadka, 40, Rohan Khadka, three others, 32, Mani Khadka, 13, Narad Khadka, and 12 years of Ansha Khadka village. Treatment is going on. According to the locals, the sick people have been sick due to eating the meat of mustard seeds in the village on Saturday.

According to Shileshwari Hospital, Dipal Pipalla, the physician and director Ijang Kunwar said that some of the patients suffering from illness were serious and some were gradually improving. “The locals must have had some diseases in the goat”, he said, “Now some improvement has improved and small children still have problems.”

District Police Office Doti’s spokesperson Doti and Deputy Superintendent of Police, Lal Bahadur Dhami said that the villagers were sick while eating the goat’s meat. Rasas


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