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Devastating News: A plane carrying 140 passengers crashed…

Plane crash

Kathmandu 140 passengers have been killed in an accident. The plane of the company who has been crashing for a long time has been in the accident. International media reported that the United States of America has such a terrible accident in the state of Florida.

Here, the Jingenville Naval plane has been scattered from the Boiling 737 aircraft in the river Plane River. According to the information, all the passengers sitting in the plane are safe. US authorities have informed the situation of two people.

The plane has been rolled out during the explanation. The plane reached Jacksonville to Cuba. Even before Boeing’s many planes have been crashing. Boing aircraft have been blacklisted by many countries in the world.

US Aircraft manufacturer Boeing prohibited the service of all 371 aircraft in Maxwell’s 737 module. According to the international media, Boeing, all airplanes, for the safety of Ethiopian Airlines’s plane crash, showed security over the plane showing security over the plane.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the decision was taken to ground the aircraft based on new data detected by aircraft and satellite data. “We are trying to figure out the cause of the accident and for this reason, researchers are working closely with the company, Boing President and Executive Director Dennis Muileenberg.

The Boeing 737 Max 8 ship ship of Ethiopian Airlines flew to Kenya’s Nairobi from Sunday on Sunday.

The model of this model, which operated by Lion Air, Indonesia, was wasted in October on the Java Island of Indonesia. All 189 passengers and crew members traveling on the plane were killed in the incident.

Due to the safety of one model model after five months, various air-conditioning companies had already banned the Boeing-737 Max 8 aircraft flight.

Managing a boiling plane began to be afraid, what is the reason?
A few months ago, a plane crashing at Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 and 157 passengers including a Nepali man has started scared to offer boiling airlines. Investigation is being conducted due to aerial accident. But with this, question marks have risen in the safety of Boing Max 8.

Boeing Max’s new technology has been used for the design of the fan. It reduces the cost of fuel. It is helpful for travelers. Plains are not too light during the trip. Airlines have facilities for pilots. Boeing has been used in the new display technology. The fifteen inch has a large screen, so that the pilots easily get information.

It has a large and special engine. Engine is environmentally friendly, i.e. voice decreases and reduces harmful gas emissions. But speaking of the problem of Boing, its engine and software have problems and there is lack of training in pilots.

Due to the problem of the engine, the speed of the aircraft collapses and the airline closes. Boeing has incorporated a software named MCAS to solve this problem. But there is a problem with the software and it has made a false directive.

A few pilots in the world are given simulator training of B737 Max.
The boarding board of Ethiopian Airlines is Boeing 737 Max 8 and it has been using commercially in 2017. In a few years of the past, 19 countries have banned this type of plane crashing. Agency / Source



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