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This DSP linked with robbers and thieves, the government’s action, is related to be these…

DSP in Nepal

Kathmandu In the health sector as the spinal cord of the country, it has become increasingly dramatic in Nepal. Every patient is suffering from misery due to various types of brave hospitals related to the health of millions of Nepali people.

The problem of repairing and maintenance of the equipment is the need to be treated by the patient. At least 20 beds in ICU chamber, 6 containers are now damaged.

In the hospital, 10 new sick ICUs are available daily. When they do not receive ICU of the hospital, they are forced to enter the private cost by paying expensive fees.

The ICU, which is found at Rs 3,000 outside the veer, is four times higher. A year after the ventilator was broken, it has not been repaired.

Nose, ear neck department is also affected by the device due to over a year. Similarly, a year after the new constitution of the Criminal Code has been implemented, the government has made arrangements to amend half the imprisonment by amending the government.

The law enforced by the last year has arranged 50 percent imprisonment by making criminal offenses (imprisonment) rules.

The provision of the remaining imprisonment was kept only after paying a minimum of 75 percent of the imprisonment in any new crime in the Criminal Code.

75 percent of the imprisonment was compulsory after the crime increased due to the maximum discounts in the past. However, legal arrangements have been revised due to lack of capacity in the jail due to the problem of management.

In the case of fatal crime, half imprisonment will not be implemented. And, DSP Kumod Dhangel, who is working at District Police Office Rautahat, has been suspended.

The Ministry of Home has suspended him in the recommendation of the police office. On Monday, a team of metropolitan crime superintendent has been suspended after the arrest of DSP Dhungel’s mobile contact and a meeting with the arrested Shrestha on a dacoity case in Ranibarari.

The group with the best had looted 5 lakhs and rupees worth a stone displaying a sharp weapon by entering the house of Lalendra Lokchan. From paper


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