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The fragrant perfume of the world, which is made from herbs, became now manufacture in Nepal

worlds best perfume

Kathmandu The beauty material ‘Puffum’ has been produced for the first time in Nepal. The vegetable department under the Ministry of Forest and Watering has produced puffum for the first time in Nepal. In the program organized by the Vegetable Department on its fifth anniversary and 20th anniversary of the Vegetable Day, Pramam Forest and Minister for Environment, named Jumla and Koshi, made public publication.

The pungum named Jumla (which is also called perfume) remains longer than 24 hours long. These perfume oils and herbs produced by herbal body do not have any harm. Due to the chemistry found in the market, chemistry is also beneficial for these naturally produced pesticides, head of the Natural Heritage Research Branch, and Scientific Officer Devi Prasad Bhandari said.

Last year, the department had made cloth soap and bathing samampoo. “We have built puffs from Jatamasi, Srikhand, Lemon Grass, Chambermila and fragrant oil and herbs,” said Rajeshwar Ranjitkar, another scientific officer of the department. “We have made perfumes as a beauty material on our own using legitimate and illegal export of herbs abroad.” >

The puffum is used to keep the body clean and tranquil, which is now imported from overseas to foreigners. According to scientists of the department who are forced to import expensive prices from abroad, after making perfumes from natural herbs in the country.

But its collection will be done by herbal compilation and processing center. The department has made a draft of the Bill of Rights Bill of 2075 for sale by selling the department itself and has not been passed by the parliament. If this bill, which is now being discussed in the Ministry of Forest and Environment, is passed by the Federal Parliament, the flute department will be able to sell the products produced in the coming days.


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