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First time in Nepal, a person died from bird flu. Symptoms & Survival


Kathmandu A few days ago, Nepal has been killed due to the disease due to one person’s bird’s disease. One type of disease like bird suffering from bird in Nepal, a 21-year-old teenager died from the bird flu, confirmed the Ministry of Health and Population.

Five days after the adolescents who were admitted to the hospital due to hollow and fever, on May 4, the death has caused death due to respiratory problems.

However, some people have started expressing suspicions that the infection of the virus can not be taken by the virus.

The answer is that the National Public Health Laboratory said that they were convinced that the patient died due to the disease.

After the hospital admitted, the suspects suspected of infection of influenza in patients were sent to the National Public Health Laboratory for the rally examination.

According to the Ministry, the World Health Organization’s Co-operative Center for Influenza Japan (Japan Health Organization) examination examined the examination of the rheumatic neck of the patient.

After the virus detected in 1996, according to the statistics of the World Health Organization, since 2003, the virus has been infected in 860 people around the world since 2003. Out of which 454, half of those patients, have died.

This Influenza A Hurricane infection, which is infected mostly on many birds, will also infect humans. But some of the doubts have been expressed in the fact that the death of the death is very low.

But Dr. Rana Jha, director of the National Public Health Laboratory, publicly confirmed that they have confirmed by the international level laboratory.

He told the BBC, ‘After suspending here in that model, in Japan it has been tested in every way. In that test, the virus did not come to know that we just made this subject public by confirming what it has about the genetic nature.

He said that the Justice Globe Influenza Center has been operating for 10 years and it has been the first time in its history.

The Ministry of Health has said that the first time in Nepal, this information has been reported internationally on the issue of human life.

No further infection: According to the monitoring of the virus, the ministry has not yet been shown during the regular monitoring.

Vivek Kumar Lal, chief doctor of Epidemiology and Disease Control, said, “We have not yet found other such cases in the trial. And, we are still doing more research to make sure that the situation still remains.

He has said that he should not be aware of the incident but should not be alarmed. What symptoms do you see in the infected people? In many words, it may be a curiosity.

According to the physicians, it also has symptoms like other flu symptoms. See the symptoms shown after infection below

  • It feels like the fever comes
  • Head hurts, feels cold
  • The light comes
  • The muscles suffer
  • Water nose or sticks nose
  • Other important things can be seen suddenly. Doctors generally show signs of symptoms in three to five days in contact with the virus.

Can it be saved? Doctors specially pay attention to those who engage in the work of animal husbandry and animal husbandry and her husband and her husband. But it does not mean that people who eat meat, eggs and animal husbandry do not have to take care.

The chicken meat should be cooked and cooked meat in 70 degrees Celsius does not have to be worn because the virus dies. A person who carries a meat should also pay attention, it becomes more known to know that meat is brought from.

  • Working on a poultry firm should focus on biological safety
  • Working on the floor should be made necessary masks, gloves and buttons
  • Work must be done only after cleaning the work properly
  • The buyer and the donor should see whether the seller has certified or rejected
  • The businessman should not mix the seeds of grain along with the nutrients
  • Only animals and their products should be imported from the place where the bird flu is not visible
  • The body should immediately inform the chicken or donkeys on the firm
  • Special attention should be given to the dead kidneys, well manage them
  • Seeing a bird flu in the firm, the worker should be given a health test
  • The meat of infected chickens should be given attention to not allow them to come into the market


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