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Danger! The Wind Storm that came from Nepal’s Bay of Bengal, will have a lot of impact in these districts


Kathmandu Impact of cyclone fain made in the Gulf of Bengal, which has been making big terror in some states in India has also begun. According to the weather forecast, according to the weather forecast, Department of Water and Meteorological Sciences, it has said that its influence has started watering with cryogenic areas.

Its impact has been increasingly increasing. According to the supermarkets, this cyclone will not come to Nepal, but it is also affecting Eastern and Central Nepal due to going to Odisha, Jharkhand, Kerala and going to Bangladesh from West Bengal. Due to the impact of cyclone foothills, weather conditions have suggested that the snowfall is expected in the east and central region of the Himalayan region due to heavy snowfall.

Similarly, the Kathmandu system, which is being watered with Rupattang and Hariibatas in border boundaries of Rupindehi, Kapilvastu and Area 5, is also moving eastward. Today, weathermen Vyubati Pokhrel said that the weather likely to be completely open. According to the Western air and west and west in the west, with the effect of local air, there is a possibility of snowfall with Hariabata, Chatting.

The impact of fanny is estimated by the weather scientists present in the afternoon. With the effect of local air with Fani Western Air, the possibility of opening today and tomorrow’s weather is less. This is the special information of the frost weather forecast supermarket

Recent News and Releases

The next three-day weather forecast (2076/01/20 to 2076/01/22) is expected to lightly moderate rain with some rain in the northern parts of the country and in some parts of central and western parts of the country. High mountains and Himalayas will likely have lightweight snowfall.

The upcoming three-day weather forecast (2076/01 / 19-20, 2076/01/21), in the middle and western mountainous part of the country, in the rest of the remaining part of the country, tens of parts will change. There is a possibility of lightweight and medium rain in the country’s divisions and in some parts of the middle and in the west, in two places in the west, there is a thunderstorm.


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