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Can you Believe? Big Jet Airways Ticket just for Rs. 150! Crowds hit Kathmandu !!


Have you ever dreamt of being on a plane?? A big plane with all the facilities. Have you ever imagined that being on a plan will cost you just about 1.5 dollars(150 NPR)?? Now your dream of being on plane by just paying 150 rupees will be fulfilled..You will have a complete experience of being on big jet plane of Turkish Airlines just by paying 150 rupees.

Aviation Museum located at Sinamangal , Kathmandu is started with the motive of providing the unbound experience of the big jet plane. The cost of ticket per person is NPR 150 only. It not only make you feel like you are in an aeroplane,it also has an inbuilt museum which has a collection of rare photos and several other instruments and equipment which carry the history of aviation in Nepal.

Aviation Museum

In addition to that people can also wear the dress of pilot and take photographs as per their wish by paying small amount of additional charge. The crowd of visiting this museum is growing day by day and schools have taken their students as an educational excursions and field visits. This is very attractive and alarming place to visit if you are planning to have such experience


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